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Please note that we moved from Phoenix, Arizona to Northwest Arkansas in early 2021. We can send puppies anywhere in the US with ground or air transportation, or puppies can be picked up locally.

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Ghost is incredibly sweet, tolerant, affectionate, gentle, and maternal. She adores children, especially toddlers, and enjoys cuddling with her humans. Our 3 year old can walk her. She's intelligent, with soulful eyes that are almost human, and is such a nice even tempered girl. She has produced multiple Service Dogs and Therapy Dogs. Her coat has the perfect coarse texture, and she has striking phantom markings. She is clear for all testable genetic disease. Ghost is an AKC registered Standard Poodle. Her color is called blue phantom (though she is a very dark blue and could also be called black phantom).

Pepper is a very stable, sweet, even tempered brindle Standard Poodle. She's easy-going and gets along with everyone- humans, kids, and other dogs. She is talented at jumping, which makes her puppies a good choice for families who want to pursue dog sports. She is homozygous for all the testable genes that contribute to low shedding and low allergens, which is great for making low shedding, low allergen Aussiedoodles! She is clear for all testable genetic disease. Pepper is an AKC registered Standard Poodle. Her color is called blue brindle.

Sakura is a small standard Australian Shepherd. She has a soft, laid back personality and is super sweet and biddable. She loves kids, is easy going with other dogs, and is a big cuddle-bug.  She has a balanced, lean build, with a nice level topline. She is on the small side for an Aussie, (between 30-35 pounds), but at approximately 18 inches tall, she is technically standard sized. She has a light to moderate coat, which is good for producing low shedding Aussiedoodles. Her color is called red merle.



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Scotch is a goofy, easy going, sweet and friendly male. He loves kids, gets along with other dogs, and is easy to handle. He is super playful and his temperament is stable. Even with fireworks being set off next door, he'll just calmly bring a toy over to see if the humans want to play. He seems to be impossible to offend. He is clear for all testable genetic disease. His color is called cream; his color has not faded so he is unlikely to pass on a fading gene. He is an AKC registered Standard Poodle.

Magick is an amazing boy. He is super friendly, exuberant, enthusiastically good natured and tolerant. He will put up with anything his beloved humans put him through, and not just tolerate it, but wag his natural bob-tail and smile. He is intuitive, human oriented, and absolutely loves babies and puppies. We call him our nanny dog. He will frolic in snow for hours, or lay devotedly next to his human all day with equal enthusiasm. He is also athletic- fast, agile, and powerful.  Like many Aussies, he has tested clear for genetic disease except for MDR1, which is one component of sensitivity to drugs like Ivermectin, for which there are many safe alternatives. He is an ASDR registered Australian Shepherd and is a black tricolor.


We are passionate about dogs! Everything we do is to make sure we produce the most emotionally stable, healthy, happy companions possible. Dogs are mankind's best friend, capable of everything from helping manage livestock, to retrieving hunted fowl, to performing essential tasks to mitigate disabilities, to being a child's most beloved cuddle buddy. Because all of those things are so important and everyone's needs and preferences are different, we focus on producing dogs that can perform all these roles and more, and we help you pick the best puppy for YOU!
Our puppies are raised in our home. We do temperament testing and use a combination of  socialization protocols from Puppy Culture, Baxter & Bella, and Avidog. By the time they go home, our puppies have been started on crate training, potty training, and have had lots of socializing with little children and exposure to household noises.




We use a combination of socialization protocols from Puppy Culture, Baxter & Bella, and Avidog, which ensures that the puppies can handle stress and are well socialized. We have 4 children and several adult dogs that help us make sure the puppies are well accustomed to many things.


Docking is done on a case-by-case basis depending on the purpose of the litter. We do often have Aussiedoodles and Aussies with natural bob-tails. If you have a tail preference, let us know prior to the 3rd day of the puppy's life, OR select a puppy that meets your tail preference.


Because research shows that removing dew claws increases arthritis rates and the dew claws are important for shock absorption and traction for active dogs, we do not remove regular front dew claws. If we ever encounter a dangly dew claw or rear dews, those will be removed within the first 3 days of life. Dew claws are extremely easy to care for; they just need to be clipped every now and then, a process which takes 30 seconds on a dog who is even a little bit accustomed to it.


When you decide you are interested in a puppy from us, we'll correspond about what specific traits you're looking for in a puppy. You may place a deposit on either a specific puppy or on a certain sex/color. (If there is more than one of the same sex and color, we do individual selections after their personalities start to show. If there is only one of a certain sex and color, that puppy may be reserved individually.)


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